22 Apr 2014

Anette Nilsson

These images are from the home of Anette Nilsson. You can find more here Anettes2. She doesn't blog unfortunately but she publish her photos on pinterest.

All Black

A black and white picture or a black outfit in a white background?

Puglia's Trulli

One of my favourite places to holiday in South Italy is Puglia. I love it because it is still natural and you don't find the usual mass tourism you find elsewhere. Puglia has miles of beautiful sea and white beaches and the country side is full of olive trees. The old type of houses in Puglia are called Trulli.

Trulli are ancient peasant's houses that have been renovated and are now a big trend in the region. Below is a picture of a group of trulli.

Merchant Design blog published an article of a renovated Trullo. The owner is the architect Luca Zanaroli. I am going there next summer and as usual I will hunt for one. I tryed to buy one last time I went there but I couldn't find one nice enough. Below are the pictures of the renovated Trullo.

I guess I love the place because is one of the last paradise of Italy. If you decide to go there, please don't open pubs and discos. Let's leave the place as it is, perfect to chill out when you live in a mad place like London:-))))))))

21 Apr 2014

Black Details

Black in the kitchen. How lovely.

 via Maison-hand